Thursday, June 17, 2010

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

that sums up my thought process at about 4pm every single afternoon. it is only JUNE people. HOW can it be SO HOT already?

With this heat we try and avoid turning on our oven in the evenings, so we have been doing a lot of skillet stuff and grilling on the BBQ. Here is my personal favorite summer grill recipe.

Teryaki Chicken Burgers

4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 can pineapple rings (or fresh pineapple sliced into rings)
1 bottle teryaki sauce/marinade (we LOVE the Lawry's brand with pineapple juice)
4 slices provolone cheese (or whatever you have on hand, i just prefer provolone)
4 hamburger buns
iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo for topping

Place chicken breasts in a ziploc bag and cover with marinade. Reserve about a half cup or so for basting while grilling and topping your sandwich at the end. Let sit in fridge for at least 1 hour or up to overnight.

Heat BBQ or grill pan to high.

Place chicken on grill, turn once to get some nice score marks. Then turn down the heat and let the chicken cook through, basting with reserved sauce periodically.

Once the chicken is done, remove from heat, cover with cheese if desired, and tent with foil to keep warm.

Heat the grill back up to high. Once the grill is hot place the pineapple rings on the grill and let them cook until they get nice and caramelized on each side. This take about 5-8 minutes, watch them carefully.

Towards the end of your pineapple cooking time slide the buns on to get nice and toasty. If you don't have room for them, wait until the pineapple is done, then place the buns on the grill.

Assemble your delish burger with your desired toppings. We love to mix the teryaki sauce with a little mayo, then the chicken, cheese, pineapple, and some fresh iceberg lettuce. YUM!

We make these several times a summer either on the bbq or just in the grill pan. So yummy and a great summer dish!

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